About Andrew Keola

Passionate about human potential, Andrew is of all things, a student of wisdom and universal teachings—the greatest of which is that unification is brought into being through the simple realization that we are loved by our creator. Not because of what we do, but who we are in truth.

Andrew is an awakening wanderer, passionate teacher, artist, writer, spiritual life coach and guide for all who wish to find their true purpose and participate as masters of divine expression in service to humanity.  


My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been curious about how things work. I would take apart old record players, tape recorders and radio controlled cars. Inevetably out of necessity, because we were poor, I put that curiosity to work as I began fixing things that were broken to extend their usefullness. Whatever I didn’t know I could learn online and I became a jack of all trades, master of none. But what was once a value saving skill, turned into a career as I entered the field of technical maintenance. 

The same level of curiosity towards how things work, I applied to the study of personal development which drew me into the world of human performance. Being a computer geek, I could easily visualize the parallel between computer systems and the human mind body complex. Just as computers have the ability to execute code or programming language, so too does the mind and if we can change computer programming then maybe we could also. It is in this persuit that I have dedicated the rest of my life in hopes that we can all come into the realization of our true identity as one unified with Source.