The light is an expression of the physical realm.

The light that you speak of, (the light that you know) is a product of the mind in thought and memory that represents something that exists outside of the material. This is because it is attached to words and language that defines it as being distinct and separate from all that is. If light is all truth by the definition given to it, then it is not separate nor can it ever be.This truth or the understanding of this truth as an absolute, cannot be taught through words or definition alone but through the frequency the word carries.

Physical matter is real only unto itself. As it is in a constant state of change, it is only real to the one that sees it outside of the bounds of timespace.

The physical nature of a thing is an expression brought forth from that which it emulates. Material from immaterial—matter and form from energy. What we receive from the senses is a byproduct of what is collectively agreed to energetically and reflected back in our experience. Matter becomes real in our perception when we see it for what it is in all the dimensions in which it operates. Lifting one another in Divine expression happens first in alignment to higher energy before it is emulated by the body as it seeks to express in like frequency. This is to see (recognize, remember) each other in all the dimensions in which we operate.

We are in alignment with the healing energy of the Divine that is present within humanity to usher in a new earth. The time is now to release any and all expressions of scarcity and separation that have kept us in slavery. Be at peace, be in joy for the gifts of God are given in glory to uplift humanity.

The structures of control are falling away and mankind stands at the precipice to choose.

But how can I be responsible for choosing my own inheritance?
This is not a singular choice made after a lifetime of energetic expression in form. It is chosen everyday as you define who and what you are being. How you serve others is the byproduct. In this manner your inheritance is already given and is ever present for you and those who are ready to receive.

Are you ready to receive? The one that is present, the one that is you, (expresses as you) becomes a resonant frequency for others to tune in to in vibratory accord. Imagine a tuning fork used as a guide to bring instruments into harmony as the notes are played. (expressed)

Your inheritance, (you the individual and you the one) is the Kingdom. There are aspects of the Kingdom that cannot be perceived with the senses yet it is ever present. The one who stands at the gates and reports to the sentinels may say “I am not worthy, I must leave and come back when I am worthy and can answer the questions at the gate.” Can you stand before the sentinels with compassion and everlasting love? (The infinite love of God) Can you stand without judgement? (Pure in heart)

What is next in the world scheme of the moment?
The final countdown has begun. The beginning of the end. The structures that define your collective reality are about to collapse. The race will be to see who gets to rebuild. But this will be a race in perception alone. The different energies present expressed in frequency will not coexist on the new plane and will separate into different realities.

These changes that are coming cannot be understated nor can your experience during the transition from old to new. Be patient and continue to fill your lamp and assist others as they fill theirs. The journey through the darkness is about to begin and the final destination will be glorious beyond comprehension.

Fear begets fear and those who relish in it shall call forth more of the experience of fear. The energies present are quickening the human experience and everyone is challenged by their reflection in the mirror. No longer will you be able to turn away and hide from the hidden aspects of the self.

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