The Light Awaits

The light awaits. Letting go of all that is, (your focus and functionality within the physical world) allows knowingness, unification, oneness, and realization of the whole that is the individual and the collective. As you transcend earthly concerns, you find that heaven has always been here and you access a new world, one that seeks expression in the present or the now moment, when all things happen. This is the next step in the evolution of humanity—to know themselves as the Divine.

We are here to assist in the transition as are multitudes of intelligences that you may call angels, extra terrestrials or those not of earth, and beings that express themselves in other spectrums.

Humanity does not know itself. It is like the animal that looks in the mirror, not knowing what it sees. Some react in fear, others curiosity. But very few can see and create their own image through the power of their inner being.

The coming days and weeks will bring revelation. These are the first steps to the floodgates opening. Humanity is not ready for full disclosure at this time. Until then, the information will trickle out. Some will reject it and others will take time to adjust, but all will see.

The light awaits for those willing to step forward out of the shadow. It seeks to be expressed in humanity at this time and always. The power of God exists within each of you. Your authority lies with the Divine within, to give you the power and strength to perform miracles.

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