The body physical, belongs to the Universe.

You are attended to universally by the energies and intelligences in the field, equal to your expression. You think yourself separate in physical expression because your body possesses distinct aspects that exist in time space. But as your consciousness moves away from matter to energy, your perception shifts from time space, to space time, to the absence of time and space as dimensional constructs.

Your body is not your own, nor is it something you possess. You are an inhabitant of the body in form within time space. The body does not know itself to be anything but physical based on sensory data. Only consciousness may know itself in fullness of truth as it perceives beyond the senses into multiple realms, realities and dimensions. 

The body belongs to the Universe. Absent of the present moment you stand in, the material that makes up the physical aspects of what you are, bone, tissue, sinew, muscle, cells, molecules and atoms have been or will be the dust of the stars at some point in all of creation. Because the body is of the Universe, it must obey the laws of expression set forth at creation which is to be the true expression (light) of the intelligence within. (consciousness) 

The body is only one aspect of expression as all matter is moved upon by consciousness. The same consciousness that sees itself as separate and distinct and the one that sees itself as unified in oneness. The reality that you perceive is a constant, moving creation born of energy and intent which requires intelligence. As the collective consciousness realizes itself in unification and power, it will manifest a reality equal to its new expression. 

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