The life you are living is not your own.

The life you are living is not your own. You think of yourself as being separate and distinct and of one mind, one heart and one soul. You are a fragment of the whole or more correctly, a multitude of fragments of the whole. As mankind comes to the precipice of singular awareness pertaining to each person as separate, or the oneness of who you are, there will come a moment when they shift in thought, emotion and action which becomes the triggering event for the upliftment of the whole. This begins with the revealing of truth.

We tell you this that you might have a glimpse into the reality of the oneness of humanity. The one or the idea of the one, is a teaching—a point of view. The one separated from the 99 is just as much the one as the 99. Separation only exists as an idea of proximity or relationship. Those who relate tend to be seen as part of the whole while those that deviate are deemed separate. When you overcome this construct your mind will be open to new levels of consciousness.

As humankind struggles with the idea of identity, of what it means to be human or to be embodied, which is to be separated from the whole or the one, the sense of self is lost as fear and control also fall away. This is because the bulk of humanity does not know itself outside of fear and slavery. As the control system brought by the dictates of the slave masters loses its grip, the new human emerges. This new human is born in freedom and knows itself as free. Not so much in the ability to choose or make choices, but to no longer be subject to any structure or system of control.

Every system in this density is designed to control in one form or another. Those who no longer agree to be subject to these things, must rise in density which is frequency. As frequency rises, this allows energy to form the reflection that is 3rd density.

What you are seeing is the beginning of the transformation of humanity that is required in order to meet the demands of higher density consciousness and expression. Physicality is different in that matter is reserved for higher purposes. This includes the bodies inhabited by the energetic matrix that is all of humankind that vibrates at that level or in harmony with it. The densities that consciousness travels through, each have a distinct vibrational code or frequency that is the signature expression of the whole.

The group that you are with, (all of humanity) is in agreement to be in this incarnation to travel from this density to the next and so on. When there are enough souls who wish to travel to the next level, there will be a mass awakening and a mass shift in consciousness that will ultimately be expressed physically through the manifestation of being. The only thing that falls away or that is lost is the old expression brought on by the old way of thinking—the old way of bringing energy into movement.

The next level of expression requires a new sight, a new way of looking at things. Higher energy must be called forth into being and expressed through the body. All old expressions are done away and have become new through this shift in consciousness. Each density becomes less about the multitude and more about the singularity.

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