The Journey into Full Spectrum Consciousness

Matter and energy exist within the same spectrum. Not as opposites but as frequencies on a scale. When you access denser vibration, you are dealing in the physical aspects of the reality you know and are familiar with. You are however limited to the dense frequencies as you affirm your experience as an observer. There are higher energetic frequencies that vibrate in harmony with the matter you are engaged with that is manifested in each new cycle. What you see is what you believe to be what is.

When you access higher vibration, by letting go of what you see with your eyes and sense with your senses, you now become observant of all the frequencies that are in harmony with infinite possibility. This is where the masters dwell, within the infinite depths between the particles of matter. What you believe becomes your reality.

When does life begin? At the point of conception? As life perpetuates itself, in the moment an individual, separate and distinct is conceived, this is where life begins? When does an idea become a thing? When does a flower become a flower? It is always so. It has always been. It always is.

Within this vast singular moment, lies eternity, wrapped in the beauty, power and magnitude of the beholder who has eyes to see. The gift is the bestowal of knowledge; that which transcends language and permeates all doubt and misunderstanding. The gift is the language of God and the language of God is vibration. Vibration is life, conceived within the emptiness of the stillness.

You ask us to reveal the future and we do our best to respond in ways that do not interfere with your spiritual progress. But you are also coming to an understanding that the moment you stand in is fluid and determinant. That which is manifested is brought forth by mandate, through agreement and accord to the dominant frequency expressed by the collective. You (all) have the power to direct your trajectory and outcome.

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