A new perspective on Yin/Yang

Energy and matter are the cyclic elements of the yin and yang. There is no positive and negative. Polarity only applies to timespace material. It (polarity) is an outward expression or facsimile of the relationship between matter and energy which is density or speed (frequency). On the one side you have energy and on the other, matter. The dichotomy between the two is frequency. Working in energy is working in matter and working in matter is working in energy. You cannot work in one and not the other. Seldom do people see this unbreakable relationship between the two which is why this simple concept remains a mystery to the masses and many remain in a perpetual state of survival.

As you work with matter, see and feel the energy bonded to it. You cannot change the material without changing the non material. As you practice you may sense the change in energetic structure as matter changes form and form changes energy. To change energy is to change form. There is an alchemical effect that energy has upon matter as it manifests according to the thought-emotion energetic expression that precedes it. To become a master of material, you must become a master of energy or energetic expression. When you understand the true relationship of yin-yang, you become a master of energy through the manipulation of matter and you engage in the cyclic behavior of the universe. 

As you change matter from one form to another (matter upon matter) you change its energetic expression in timespace. As more and more structures are renown or created anew, a new world is born—One in which the energetic expression of matter becomes coherent to the universal law of pure expression. (pure meaning in love and truth.)

The Divine expresses in all things both hidden and plain. As all begin to have eyes to see, the hidden falls away as there is no longer purpose in it. The plain does not become manifest until that which casts the shadows,(mountains) fall away and the valleys rise. Those that see in the dark, are the pioneers and the wayshowers as they cast light allowing revelation to take place.