I’ve been meaning to create this website for quite some time now. I think I’ve had the domain reserved since 2014 and started construction on the web elements last November 2020.

There is no denying that there is a quickening taking place through all aspects of our experience. Time seems to be moving faster and we collectively are becoming more conscious about who and what we are.

As we transition to what comes next, we have an unprecedented opportunity to collectively manifest a new earth in whatever fashion we desire. Imagine a place and time where history is freely shared unslanted and unimbellished. Imagine technology being released unabated for the welfare of humanity rather than the enrichment of an elite few. Imagine there being no poor among us.

There is a clear line of separation manifesting itself like a rift splitting the landscape in two. On one side, you have those who wander aimlessly looking to anything outside of themselves for salvation. On the other are those who know who they are. This is the theme of life’s journey. Shall we explore together?